Mills & Honey
Cycling Holidays
Mills and Honey is a developing project based in
the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.
We are in constant motion, always exploring and growing so we can offer our guest the more authentic and unforgettable experience when they come and ride with us.
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Mills & Honey
Cycling Holidays
Mills and Honey is a developing project based in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.
We are in constant motion, always exploring and growing so we can offer our guest the more authentic and unforgettable experience when they come and ride with us.
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About you

Yes, about you, it’s not about us…. We want to know you; your wishes, your needs, your personal requirements and your hopes for your holiday in Mallorca so that we can put together the perfect cycling holiday just for you.


They say with good quality ingredients, anyone can be a chef. Well, it doesn’t work quite like that, but we like to think of Mallorca as the garden of your cycling holidays, and we are the chefs who pick the right ingredients to make the perfect meal for you, and all you have to do is show up and enjoy!


But here’s a bit about us too:


Alfonso Ochoa (Fonzie)

Founder and Director

Originally from Venezuela, Alfonso Ochoa Vega spent most of his time as a kid doing some kind of riding whether on his skateboard, rollerblades or surfboard.
Always curious, Fonzie took off more than ten years ago in the search of good waves, new experiences, and to learn the most that he could about this wonderful planet. He feels super lucky and grateful about having lived and seen wonderful places like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Fiji, Indonesia, Los Roques in Venezuela, UK, Italy, France, the Caribbean Islands, Colorado, and from all these places he’s picked Mallorca as his new home. A place which offers him great dynamism and a healthy balance of city, mountains, sea, strong and proud culture, lifestyle and great friends.
In Mallorca, he wants to share his passion for travelling in an active, responsible and sustainable way being by the use of sails, or by the use of our own power and will to get further, and he wants to give that opportunity to people willing to take that step forward into a fantastic and enthrilling new way to see the world.

He’s sailed accross the Atlantic 5 times, he’s cycled around France in a month’s solo cycling holiday of 4300 Km, accross the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 8 days, up and down the Pyrenees a couple of times and he knows very well there’s no better way of travelling and getting to a new place than at the bicycle’s pace. The sense of accomplishment, the reach, the views, the people and also the suffering, is not only about seeing new places, it’s about getting to know yourself a lot better. Getting out of your comfort zone and sweat, enjoy, getting too cold and too hot, struggle, laugh, be inspired, feel… actually feeling alive in all senses.


Helena Hemmink

Guide, Trip Planner, and Do-it-all

Daughter of a Dutch dad and a Mallorcan mum Helena grew up in Holland and spent all her school holidays in Mallorca. Being raised in a small country (think same size as the State of Maryland) with over 35.000km of cycling lanes she could basically cycle before she could walk. As she cycled everywhere daily in the rain wind and cold most of the year she never even considered cycling for fun. Always having been a very active person she did loads of other sports though from football to dancing to horseriding to tennis to we-could-do-this-all-day and we could say the same about the languages she speaks. ​

When she was 18 she fled the bad weather and moved to Spain to study and eventually ended up in Mallorca, working mostly in cycling tourism or training related companies. This is where she actually started road cycling for fun. In 2020 she brought a mountain bike into her life and started to do bikepacking trips. She did the ‘Camino de Santiago’, the Portuguese Coast and most Canary Islands. Also several days long cycling events like the ‘Transpyr’, across the Pyrenees in 7 days. All she can think about now is travelling and is always planning some new adventure, so this list will probably get longer each year…

Our Philosophy​

We at Mills & Honey believe that the more people that cycle, the better the world we will live in, so we want make traveling by bike a possibility to everyone. From avid to recreational cyclists who like to travel independently and enjoy the freedom of going Self Guided around the island (knowing full well they can count with our support at anytime), to group of friends with different levels of riders who might benefit from vehicle and guide support along their tour of Mallorca, or for families getting their little ones their first taste of a mini adventure and the meaningful lessons of discovering a new land by bike.

0 Km - In local we trust...

We at Mills & Honey believe in the 0 Km philosophy (buy and support you local produce so the small local farmers, and small businesses, can succeed and continue) so amongst all the travel companies nowadays claiming to be the experts of everything everywhere, we would like to be seen as the 0 Km-guys of the cycling industry in Mallorca. This is where we live, where we cycle, and we spend our days getting to know this wonderful place and its people. True, Fonzie the founder of Mills & Honey is not even from the island but well that’s another long story. It’s a wonderful world, go out and see it.

Our Bikes

We’ve recently started a new partnership with a local bike rental company, located in our hometown (more efficient and sustainable) called North Wind Cycles. They offer great selection and service of Canyon road bikes, Endurance CF with SRAM e-tap (48/35 and 10-36) or Shimano 105 DI2 (50/34 and 11-34). Also e-bikes, like the more comfortable cruising version Specialized Turbo Vado SL and its modified road version with drop handlebars and road tyres, which offer a great power, range and weight combo. We could collaborate with other companies in case you’d be interested in other upgrade options for road or e-bikes like the Specialized Creo. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the options.

The legal stuff

Behind the scenes from all the fun and great cycling that you get to experiences while you’re on Mallorca, we take our job and the responsibility you rely on us very seriously, as well as the responsibility we have with our partners, other tour operators, employees, and other institutions. We pride ourself to meet all the requirements to operate as insured and bonded active tour operator and Travel Agency.

Bespoke Cycling Holidays & Tours in Mallorca